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HAPPY NEW YEAR! I made a tiny update with 5 general illustrations, one Whitechapel illustration, and over in the comics section (under MCC Anthology) is one new comic!
I'm still planning on adding some more galleries (specifically jewelry, as I'll be making A LOT of it this and next month).
Cheers for now!


Did you know I make 1" buttons? You want them! You want them for your (band, art, logo, et cetra and such)! Your friends want them, too! Here's the specs:
You supply the art, I print and make 'em, you sell 'em.

My rate is
$75 for 250 buttons
$100 for 500
$150 for 1000. (not available during school semester)
$250 for 1500. (not available during school semester)
$300 for 2000. (not available during school semester)
(If you want any quantities in between, email me at

$15 shipping (no shipping charge for local hand-deliveries/pickups, of course). And about a week-and-a-half leeway for assemblage.

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